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Doc, now Rep. Petit, on health care, victims’ rights and small business

William Petit is one of 35 newly elected members of the Connecticut General Assembly, but he’s probably the only one whose November election made national news. He spoke with The Mirror about his new job as a legislator, changes in how doctors practice, diabetes, the federal health law, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s Second Chance Society criminal justice reform initiatives, victims’ rights, and the assumptions people have about him. Continue Reading →

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‘It’s a public health crisis:’ Malloy proposals target opioids

The proposals include requiring physicians to prescribe opioids electronically rather than on paper; allowing visiting nurses to destroy unused medication; and allowing patients to direct that they not be prescribed an opioid medication. Continue Reading →

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A lot at stake for Connecticut as Trump, GOP eye Medicaid changes

Medicaid is Connecticut’s largest source of federal funding and the largest single line item in the state budget. It covers close to one in five state residents – more than 750,000 poor children, adults and people with disabilities. A major change in federal Medicaid funding is a big worry for the state’s budget director. Continue Reading →

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Same data, opposite conclusions: Did Medicaid cuts limit access to radiology?

When the state cut Medicaid payment rates for radiologists by 42.5 percent last year, doctors and patient advocates warned it would get harder for poor patients to get mammograms and other imaging services. A year and a half later, the state Medicaid agency says that hasn’t happened. But radiologists say it’s not that simple. Continue Reading →

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State behind on funds to help troubled health care professionals

When Connecticut lawmakers raised the annual licensing fee for health care professionals by $5 last year, they assigned the additional money to go to a confidential assistance program for health care practitioners whose medical, mental health or substance abuse issues could prevent them from practicing safely. But so far, the program has yet to receive any of the money. Continue Reading →

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Law enforcement access to CT drug monitoring data raises privacy concern

WASHINGTON — Connecticut’s Prescription Monitoring Program aims to stop the misuse of opioids and other dangerous drugs and save lives. But some are concerned these programs have given law enforcement officers access to private information about prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet. Continue Reading →

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Providers, advocates call Malloy Medicaid cuts short-sighted

This is a photo of Sheila Amdur

Critics say Malloy’s proposal to cut Medicaid is financially short-sighted and threatens to undermine recent progress in a program that has added thousands of new members as part of the federal health law, expanded the network of providers willing to treat them, and reduced its per-client costs. Continue Reading →

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DeLauro tells Obama to end program enticing Cuban doctors to defect

WASHINGTON – Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3rd District, doesn’t think President Obama has gone far enough with opening relations with Cuba –and she has told him so. She and 14 other liberal Democrats sent Obama a letter Wednesday urging the end of a Bush-era program that makesit easier for Cuban doctors to defect.
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Senate votes to allow nurse practitioners to practice independent of doctors

This is a photo of Sen. Terry Gerratana speaking during a debate on a proposal to allow nurse practitioners to practice independent of doctors.

The Connecticut state Senate voted 25 to 11 late Wednesday night to allow nurse practitioners to practice independent of physicians, a controversial concept that has gained traction amid growing concerns about the availability of primary care providers in the state. Continue Reading →

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