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Please donate today: The Mirror’s ‘Why I Give’ campaign ends Monday

A contentious 2015 Connecticut Legislative session drew to a close just before midnight Wednesday with the dramatic passage of a fiercely fought state budget. Our staff worked into the early hours Thursday to provide the same comprehensive, insightful coverage of those last hours that they delivered all session. And our audience responded in record numbers over those chaotic final days. This is just another reminder of why The Mirror exists. Please support us and donate today. Continue Reading →

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The Mirror’s “Why I Give” campaign begins

As a nonprofit news organization, we reach out and ask for your support three times a year, and with two months remaining in a contentious legislative session, now is one of those times. The Connecticut Mirror’s “Why I Give” campaign begins. We hope at least one thought resonates with you, enough to support our organization with a tax-deductible donation. Continue Reading →

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2014 CT Mirror Projects: Homeless Children

A number of state initiatives have been launched in the last two years along with the formation of legislative committees, but many question whether they will do enough, quickly enough, to provide meaningful help to the hundreds of homeless children in a state whose cost of living is among the highest in the country. Continue Reading →

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