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Trump budget would rip CT safety net for poor

Updated at 9:35 p.m.
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s first budget, to be released in detail Tuesday, would cut Medicaid funding to Connecticut and eliminate other programs state residents rely upon to try to make ends meet, such as one that helps low-income people heat their homes. Many of the proposed cuts will meet resistance from Congress. Continue Reading →

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Trump budget would end CT heating aid, housing, after-school programs

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal would strip Connecticut of tens of millions of dollars in federal grants, eliminating programs that subsidize heating bills for nearly 110,000 Connecticut households and provide housing for the homeless and after-school care. But the budget would boosting the state’s defense industry and fund a border wall. Continue Reading →

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U.S. education bill may spell new clash between Malloy, teachers

WASHINGTON — Since the new federal education bill would end many requirements of No Child Left Behind and give states broad authority to fashion their own education policy, Connecticut’s teachers unions are pressing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to take advantage of the new freedoms. But Malloy has not indicated whether he would do so. Continue Reading →

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Murphy fails in attempt to boost civil rights protections in ed bill

WASHINGTON – Opposed by powerful teachers unions but backed by civil rights groups, legislation sponsored by Sen. Chris Murphy aimed at boosting school accountability in a proposed education overhaul failed in the Senate Wednesday. Continue Reading →

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CT lawmakers join other Dems in opposing House education bill

WASHINGTON — A bill that would overhaul federal education law and replace the controversial No Child Left Behind Act was approved in the House of Representatives Thursday without a single Democratic vote. Rep Elizabeth Esty said the bill “guts education funding…and turns our back on our schools, our communities, and our children.” Continue Reading →

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Special Report: Education, Diversity and Change in Fairfield County

Fairfield County, a region marked by sharp disparities in income and in urban and suburban life, faces particular challenges in assuring all its residents a quality education. Today, a special report, “Education, Diversity and Change in Fairfield County,” explores the issue through in-­depth policy reporting, interactive maps and charts, photo galleries and opinion pieces written by teachers from the Connecticut Writing Project at Fairfield University. Continue Reading →

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CT spending cap threatens to squeeze education, other priorities in next budget

Though taxes and spending cuts dominate the debate over Connecticut’s budget deficit, the constitutional cap on spending is waiting in the wings for its turn. The 23-year-old cap has effectively begun to squeeze resources for education, transportation and other priorities and could also be a political thorn in the side of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and his fellow Democrats in the General Assembly’s majority.
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Op-Ed: In again! Out again! A need for more equitable schools

McTighe and Wiggins, proponents of ‘backwards curriculum-design’ popular among teaching communities, refer to the importance of asking essential questions. The best ones, they argue, are perennial and enduring. They weather turbulent roads – Gordian knots – and are open-ended, thought provoking, and intellectually engaging. Since beginning a teaching career in 1995, I’ve found myself revisiting three questions: “Why poverty? Why educational inequities? Continue Reading →

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Budget panel fills Malloy’s gap, boosts social services


One week after a $70 million hole was uncovered in Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget proposal for 2014-15, the legislature’s Appropriations Committee is set to make revisions increasing spending for social services, while using surplus funds to close the budget gap. Continue Reading →

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