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State education funding to be a battleground in budget dispute

Huge questions over how state aid for schools and state colleges ultimately will fare will be a critical focus of Democratic and Republican leaders as they grapple with reconciling their vastly different state budgets. Here are the critical differences in funding for schools and colleges that Democrats and Republicans must resolve. Continue Reading →

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A legacy of debt: Squeeze on state’s priorities only getting tighter

State government’s surging retirement benefit costs are likely to have a big impact on programs and taxes over the next two decades. But they already have sapped significant funding from key priorities, including transportation, higher education, health care and social services. Second in a series. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Schools’ alarmed cries for help should echo across Connecticut

With 40,000 students attending chronically low-performing schools, many thousands of families on wait lists for schools of choice, and the largest-in-the-nation achievement gap, Connecticut leaders must expand and sustain schools that are delivering results for students, especially children in poverty and children of color. Continue Reading →

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Foley advocates businesslike approach to improving ailing schools

Connecticut’s governor for the next four years will face a wide range of challenges to improve the state’s public schools. The Mirror spoke with both major party candidates about their approach to education. Today, Republican challenger Tom Foley talks about his plans. Continue Reading →

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Foley’s urban agenda: something borrowed, something new

In the first extensive public policy press conference of his second run for governor, Republican Tom Foley released an urban agenda Wednesday that echoes or revises long-tried policies on crime and jobs, while imposing a strict “marketplace” standard on failing urban schools. Continue Reading →

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Judge rejects state’s request to delay school funding trial

Hartford Superior Court Judge Kevin Dubay summarily rejected the state’s request Thursday for a lengthy postponement of an education-funding lawsuit over whether the state is meeting its constitutional responsibility of providing a “suitable education” for every child in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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