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Support for Connecticut ban on use of toxic flame retardants

In the 1970’s flame-retardants were found to be carcinogenic and highly absorptive so they were voluntarily removed from children’s pajamas. Since then these chemicals have found their way back into our children’s products although the toxicity and danger to the health of children has remained the same. Flame retardant exposure is linked with cancers and immune suppression, learning disorders, lower IQ and hyperactivity, hormone disruption, reduced fertility and birth defects.

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Connecticut should ban flame retardant chemicals in kids’ products

There is a bill before the CT State Legislature which would ban some flame retardant chemicals from children’s products. Does this sound counter intuitive? It is not. An Act Concerning Toxic Fire Retardants in Children’s Products, is an opportunity for us to rectify this dangerous exposure of our children to toxic chemicals that are linked to many serious diseases.