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Legislators grappling with fast-changing health care landscape

The health care landscape is changing, and legislators are trying to figure out how to respond to an industry that is at once a top employer in many communities and a big driver of health care costs that are straining state, local and business budgets. Hospital officials say some of the proposals so far would take the state backwards. Continue Reading →

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Waterbury says regulators endanger hospital deals

Waterbury’s mayor and the state’s hospital industry say that Connecticut regulators are jeopardizing plans by a national for-profit hospital chain to buy the city’s two struggling hospitals and others in Bristol, Manchester and Vernon. Continue Reading →

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For-profit hospital deal gets done. Then, doubts behind the scenes

In crafting a last-minute compromise clearing the way for four Connecticut hospitals to be acquired by a for-profit company, lawmakers accomplished something many doubted would be possible. But for some legislators key to the deal, any sense of celebration was short-lived because of questions about whether a major player was backing out. Continue Reading →

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The Basics: The last-minute for-profit hospital bill

It came down to the final hours, but legislators tackled one of the most complex, controversial issues of the session by passing a measure that makes it easier for nonprofit hospitals to convert to for-profits and adds state oversight to hospital sales and transactions involving physician practices. Here are the basics. Continue Reading →

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