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Op-Ed: Tonight’s debate, a ‘thrilla’ or not?

The New York Times recently referred to the Malloy-Foley debates as “The Thrilla in Manila.” Linda McMahon should be lining up the pay-per-view rights. Thursday evening’s shindig at The Garde in New London is historically feisty:  starring savvy journalists fed gotcha questions from opposing political camps and a raucous crowd that cheers each verbal punch. Still we revere these ‘Lincoln-Douglas’ moments to take a measure of our candidates. So here’s a primer (from a guy not famous for his own political victories) on how to judge the bout:

Incumbent Dan Malloy has driven up challenger Tom Foley’s negatives over the last two months with a relentless attack on his character and corporate ineptitude, often drawing on 30-year-old indiscretions. Continue Reading →

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