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Obamacare signups begin with different outreach strategy

This is a picture of Staff at the Access Health CT enrollment center in New Britain

Janet Carlson and her team are preparing for a third round of outreach to help the uninsured get health care coverage in Litchfield County, and she’s anticipating more people who need significant assistance this time around. She’ll also be something of an anomaly, one of just a handful of people formally charged with finding and signing up the uninsured. Continue Reading →

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Future of Obamacare enrollment assistance still being determined

Eva Bermudez, an organizer with the union CSEA, helped Maxime Calixte sign up for health insurance last year.

Officials say the in-person assistance program that helped thousands of state residents sign up for health care coverage last fall and winter will be back this fall for the next round of Obamacare enrollment. But it’s not clear where the money for it will come from, and some assisters worry because there’s been no public plan for it so far. Continue Reading →

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