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House GOP leader demands, gets apology from ECSU professor

It was a stunningly swift cycle of gaffe, controversy and apology in the Internet age: An adjunct professor insults Republicans on Monday, only to find his words recorded and posted online, drawing a denunciation from the floor of the state House of Representatives on Tuesday. Continue Reading →

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Analysts: Malloy’s budget for Connecticut never was balanced

Just one month from adopting the next state budget, legislators have learned the $19 billion plan they got from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has a $70 million hole in it, according to a new report from nonpartisan analysts. Republican legislative leaders say the shortfall happened because the administration dismissed a warning about rising health care costs five months ago. Continue Reading →

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Was faulty CT tax mailing a huge privacy violation?

Could 27,000 Connecticut residents’ Social Security numbers have been mailed – along with their names and addresses – to households other than their own? A top Republican lawmaker demanded answers Monday after reviewing one of the thousands of faulty tax forms the state Labor Department acknowledged sending out late last week. House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero, R-Norwalk, also said he wants to know if the state mailed incorrect tax data regarding unemployment recipients to the IRS. “How did this happen? To what extent did this happen?” Cafero said during a midafternoon news conference at the State Capitol, adding that a letter seeking details was being sent to the department. Continue Reading →

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