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The Working Families, pushing Democrats to the left

“I think Democrats have been just afraid of their shadows for a very long time and we’ve seen that in resistance to things like minimum wage increases and paid family leave and fair immigration policies.” But Lindsay Farrell of the Working Families Party says things might be changing. Our Sunday Conversation. Continue Reading →

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Allies in ’10, Malloy distant from labor’s WFP in ’17

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy helped deliver a paid-sick days law sought by the Working Families Party in 2011. The coolness of his relationship now with the labor-backed group was reinforced Monday when he said that the WFP’s proposal for a special tax on hedge fund managers is such bad policy it shouldn’t even be discussed. Continue Reading →

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General Assembly’s shrinking agenda frustrates progressives

A prominent pollster gave House and Senate Democrats a private rundown on the mood of the Connecticut electorate Thursday. The news surprised no one. Voters are unhappy with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, and they see pretty much every issue paling in importance next to the state’s business climate. Continue Reading →

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