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After Sandy Hook, firearms remain big business in CT

Wooed by Texas and other states after the passage of the post-Newtown gun restrictions last year, Stag Arms still makes its AR-15s in New Britain, though the company blames the recent layoffs of 50 workers on gun control. But the company has adapted: The version pictured above is still legal to buy in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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New Britain company soars with AR-15 sales — for now

New Britain — Mark Malkowski celebrates 10 years in business May 1. Under other circumstances, he might expect the governor to drop by to celebrate the unlikely story of the local kid who opened a factory at age 24 in a city desperate for jobs. That’s not going to happen. Malkowski, now a boyish 34, is president of Stag Arms, a company located in a complex of unmarked buildings. Its only products are a line of black semiautomatic rifles that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wants to make illegal to sell and difficult to possess in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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