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Meotti opens consulting business

Michael Meotti, the former vice president of the state’s largest public college system, who resigned last October amid a pay-raise scandal, has opened his own consulting business. “We can help you identify and carry out a strategy to better connect with the governmental, business, philanthropic and community leaders that matter to your organization,” reads the company’s website. The paperwork filed with the Secretary of the State’s Office registering Gateway 2 Results as a company based out of West Hartford names Meotti as the president. Before becoming the vice president of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, Meotti was commissioner of the Department of Higher Education and was also previously a state senator. The company’s website lists two other staff members, Victoria Dougherty and Malia Sieve. Continue Reading →

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What brought down Kennedy and Meotti?

Reorganizing the state universities and community colleges may have been Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s idea, but handpicking who would lead the merged, 100,000-student system wasn’t his call — at least not according to the legislators who crafted the merger bill. That didn’t stop the governor, whose selection of Robert Kennedy in the summer of 2011 was the first in a series of aggressive moves that would spark questions this fall over who truly ran the new system. The governor also created a high-salary, top-tier position not included in the statute and crafted a five-year deal with Kennedy even before the new Board of Regents for Higher Education was fully assembled. Those actions ultimately would test more than the spirit of the law, complicating Malloy’s efforts to distance himself this fall as new controversies embarrassed the system and cost his top appointees their jobs. And while the administration insists Malloy’s actions were handled properly during a very confusing time of transition, they also have sparked a bipartisan call to consider reducing the governor’s control going forward. Continue Reading →

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