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Leaving Puerto Rico was hard, but Milagros Dávila has faith

Milagros Dávila and her husband Eddie Taveras didn’t want to abandon their lives in Salinas, Puerto Rico. But after Hurricane Maria destroyed the island, they were left, as were most Puerto Ricans, without clean drinking water, electricity, food or jobs. In this Sunday conversation she talks about leaving the place she was born for Connecticut and says she has faith she will return. She just doesn’t know when.

Posted inNews

Salir de Puerto Rico fue difícil, pero Milagros Dávila tiene fé

Milagros Dávila y su esposo, Eddie Taveras, no quisieron abandonar la vida que tenian  Salinas, P.R. Pero después que el huracán Maria destruyo la isla, se quedaron, como la gran parte de los puertorriqueños, sin agua potable, electricidad, comida o trabajo. La pareja ahora vive en Connecticut, pero Dávila tiene fé en que volveran a Puerto Rico, aunque no sabe cuando eso será.