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Senate abolishes Obama gun rule prompted by Sandy Hook

Updated at 12:20 p.m. Wednesday
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate approved legislation Wednesday that will roll back an Obama administration rule requiring the Social Security Administration to submit information about mentally impaired recipients so they can be added to a list of people barred from purchasing a gun. Continue Reading →

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Federal budget deal helps CT defense industry, state budget

Washington – One of Rep. John Boehner’s final acts as Speaker of the House this week was to negotiate a budget deal with the White House that will help Connecticut’s defense industry by boosting Pentagon spending and save the state government about $65 million in health care expenses for low-income residents and state retirees. Continue Reading →

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Obama to require CT federal contractors to disclose gender pay gaps

WASHINGTON – Continuing to use his executive authority to bypass a recalcitrant Congress, President Obama on Thursday proposed a new rule that would require federal contractors and subcontractors to disclose more information about pay to male and female employees. Continue Reading →

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Obama arrives as Connecticut embraces his message, not him

President Obama’s visit here Wednesday comes a day after his job approval in the state hit an all-time low, but Connecticut still is a blue state well-primed to applaud his call for a higher minimum wage, an issue Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and other Democrats see as a boost to their re-election campaigns in 2014. Continue Reading →

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Obama to promote minimum-wage in Connecticut visit

Has Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s defense of President Obama’s minimum wage proposal played well at the White House? The apparent answer came Wednesday: Obama plans to visit Connecticut March 5 to promote a minimum-wage increase with Malloy. Video of Malloy’s jousting with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal outside the White House has gone viral, prompting invitations for Malloy to appear on national news programs.

It also prompted this sharp exchange between a Republican candidate for governor and one of the governor’s advisers. Tom Foley, one of the Republicans seeking his job, said Malloy’s exchange with Jindal was “bullying behavior.” “Malloy seems to have a knack for taking a potentially volatile situation and escalating it,” Foley said. Continue Reading →

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Malloy moves to avoid food stamp cuts

Washington – Gov . Dannel Malloy announced Monday that his administration will increase spending on heating assistance to thwart new federal regulations aimed at shrinking food stamp benefits for at least 50,000 households in the state. “Connecticut, for one, will not stand by while our low-income families and elders are put at risk by Washington politics,” Governor Malloy said.  “I have directed my administration to take all necessary measures to protect Connecticut beneficiaries of the federal SNAP program from the negative consequences of the Farm Bill.”

The massive farm bill approved by Congress in February sought to cut the food stamp program by about $8.6 billion over ten years by ending a practice adopted by Malloy and other governors. Those governors  gave food stamp recipients as little as $1 in heating assistance benefits, so they would, under a federal formula, qualify for more food stamp assistance. Under the farm bill, recipients will have to receive at least $20.01 in Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, to qualify for increased benefits. Continue Reading →

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