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Standardized entrance exams: A good predictor of student success in college?

The high-stakes entrance exam that the state’s community colleges use will no longer be the lone factor in determining if students can enroll in credit-bearing courses. With 70 percent of students failing a placement test each year -– and a change in state law — the Board of Regents voted Thursday to begin requiring the dozen colleges and the four Connecticut State Universities to use multiple indicators. These indicators may include a high-school transcript, a senior portfolio or anything else that could help better predict whether a student will succeed in a college-level course. Under the current assessment system, some students unfairly end up having to take — and pay for — non-credit remedial courses, said the director of policy and research for the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities. “We make mistakes,” Braden Hosch told the board Thursday. Continue Reading →

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Malloy to colleges: no more semesters of remediation

A bill that limits the circumstances that college officials can require students to spend time and money taking non-credit remedial courses has been signed into law by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. One quarter of the students who enter a public college in Connecticut spend their first year taking only non-credit remedial courses. Some even spend two years. “We do a disservice to our college students when we burn through their financial aid to pay for remedial learning which doesn’t fulfill graduation requirements,” Malloy said of a statement. “The strength of our economy is dependent upon the skill of our workforce-we are taking steps to fix our broken education system and ensure that graduating high school seniors are ready for the rigors of college-and we want our college students to spend their time, and their financial aid, in preparation for entry into the job market.” Continue Reading →

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