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The Basics: Improving services for sexually assaulted college students

The state Senate has given final approval to a bill that imposes requirements on how public and private colleges must respond to students who have been sexually assaulted, and what services must be provided to them. “There has been much disarray in the process in the past,” said Sen. Steve Cassano, Democratic chairman of the Higher Education Committee. “This bill is only a first step.”

The bill’s passage follows the filing of a lawsuit  against The University of Connecticut last fall by a group of students who said school officials had been “deliberately indifferent” when they sought help. It also comes on the same day that The White House released recommendations and a few promises on what will change so students get the services they need. “Colleges and universities need to face the facts about sexual assault,” Vice President Joe Biden said in a statement when releasing the recommendations. Continue Reading →

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Lawmakers vote to require better responses by CT colleges to sexual assaults

The House bill seeks to improve how all higher education institutions in Connecticut respond when a student comes forward to report an assault, and to boost prevention through bystander training akin to the “see something, say something” campaign. Continue Reading →

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