In the late 2000’s major newsroom layoffs at traditional news organizations dramatically reduced news coverage of state public policy.  In 2009, a small group of Connecticut residents, concerned about the decline in watchdog journalism, formed the Connecticut News Project, Inc.

A few months later, in January 2010, after securing three-years worth of start-up funding and hiring three veteran journalists, the Connecticut News Project launched The Connecticut Mirror, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization with a very clear mission: Produce deep reporting on government policies and politics, inform and engage anyone who lives, works or cares about Connecticut in the development of public policy, and hold our policymakers accountable for their decisions and actions.

More than 14,000 stories and eleven years later, our mission is more crucial than ever as traditional media continue to contract, trust in media declines, and polarization dominates our media landscape.

What started out as a three-year experiment with three employees in 2010 is now a leadership journalism brand with a reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable sources for accurate, in-depth news about public policy in Connecticut.