Taxpayers gain access to millions in unclaimed property

On Jan. 2, 2022, we published a story describing how the State Treasurer’s office had erected barriers to the public accessing over $40 million in unclaimed property. In response, an official in the treasurer’s office wrote a handwringing letter to the editor accusing us of misleading the public. We stood by our reporting. Two weeks later, the treasurer announced “major enhancements” to the unclaimed property system, addressing the barriers we reported.

Unemployed workers facing clawbacks get lawmakers’ attention

On Sept. 19, 2021, we published a story detailing a recent surge in repayment requests, which are asking already cash-strapped people to pay back tens of thousands of dollars. Three days after our story published, the co-chairs of the General Assembly’s Labor Committee called on the state Department of Labor to figure out a solution to the growing number of “overpayments” being identified in the unemployment system.

Undocumented immigrants freed from indefinite hospitalizations

On June 15, 2021, we published a story describing how the state’s rules for administering Medicaid prohibit undocumented immigrants from accessing outpatient services or less-expensive nursing home care if they require ongoing treatment after hospitalization — effectively meaning some have to remain hospitalized indefinitely. Five weeks later, Gov. Ned Lamont changed the state’s policy, allowing dozens of undocumented immigrants to go home and saving taxpayers money from expensive hospitalizations.

Law enforcement officials see legislative action on sex offender loophole

On June 14, 2021, we published a story revealing a loophole in state law that allowed sex offenders from other states to be transferred into Connecticut nursing homes without notifying state police. Upon learning about this, several lawmakers tried to place removing the loophole on the special session agenda. When the special session ended without action on the measure, legislative leaders pledged to revive it in the next regular session.

People of color hidden in state vaccination data gain visibility

On Jan. 27, 2021, we published a story challenging the state’s initial contention that there was no white/Hispanic inequity in vaccine distribution. The state ultimately walked it back.

People seeking affordable housing in suburbs get boost from first state zoning legislation in years

Since 2019, our housing reporting has been a major driver of state legislation to address exclusionary zoning and conversations in suburban town council meetings around the state.

Supreme Court justices cite CT Mirror’s in-depth reporting on status of state’s economy

A Connecticut Supreme Court majority opinion on emergency gubernatorial powers during COVID-19 recently cited a CT Mirror story about the state’s economic prospects.

State lawmakers turn to CT Mirror’s explanatory reporting to craft complex state budget

In this year of federal stimulus, COVID spending, and surprisingly robust tax receipts we continue to publish explanatory journalism about a state budget that has even more moving parts than it usually does.