House panel cuts education budget, but not nearly as much as Trump

WASHINGTON — House appropriators rejected many of President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to education, but trimmed some programs and eliminated others – including one that provides the state and local school districts with $25 million in teacher training grants each year. House appropriators also failed to adjust this year’s Pell grant awards for inflation, a move state officials say will cost Connecticut students $6 million in college financial aid next year. Continue Reading →

Proposed cuts in food aid worry those who feed the needy

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would cut funding for SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, by about 25 percent over the next 10 years by lowering the income limit for eligibility. His plan also would transfer up to 25 percent of SNAP’s cost to the states. “There is no way the food banks can make up for cuts to SNAP,” said Sarah Santora, community involvement manager for Foodshare. Continue Reading →