New calls for Congress to protect Mueller may not result in action

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s twitter attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller are expected to renew debate on bills aimed at protecting Mueller that have lain dormant for months. But while there may be a lot of talk about the legislation, especially among chief promoters like Sen. Richard Blumenthal, whether there will be action is unclear.
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How safe are CT students at school?

While much of the focus – and funding – has been directed at protecting students from another active shooter, data on Connecticut’s public schools show no decline in a number of much more common safety issues schools face, such as fights and other physical confrontations. That lack of progress has fueled a debate over whether the state’s push to reduce student suspensions and expulsions – and instead provide students with supports so they can stay in school – actually is working to make schools safer. Continue Reading →

Guns, Russians, jobs, a porn star and politics

Hundreds of Connecticut high school students joined a nationwide demonstration demanding Congress and the president enact stricter gun control laws. It was the largest– but by no means the only — development last week that left President Donald Trump and his administration defending both his policies and his personal conduct. Continue Reading →

Economic commission co-chairs: ‘It’s about what’s good for Connecticut’

Webster Bank Chairman Jim Smith and Robert Patricelli, founder of several healthcare companies, are the co-chairmen of the state Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth. In this Sunday Conversation they talk about the need for more civic engagement and their expectations about how Connecticut’s government will respond to their sweeping recommendations on restructuring taxes and encouraging economic development. Continue Reading →

FDA moves to cut nicotine in cigarettes

Cigarettes would contain less addictive nicotine — making them less attractive to smokers — under an “unprecedented” plan the Food and Drug Administration announced. Stripping cigarettes of all or most of their addictive power could lead 5 million adults to quit smoking within a year of the plan’s going into place and another 8 million to quit within five years, one analysis says. Continue Reading →