Q: What is The Connecticut News Project?

Answer: The Connecticut News Project, Inc., is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization — a 501(c)(3) — created in 2009 to reinvigorate coverage of state government, public policy and politics. Our mission is to produce original, in-depth, non-partisan journalism that informs Connecticut residents about the impact of public policy, holds government accountable, and amplifies diverse voices and perspectives. Successfully advancing this mission will result in more informed and politically engaged residents, greater transparency in policy-making, and a stronger democracy. Through original reporting published in The Connecticut Mirror and distributed through various platforms and technologies, we are reasserting the “watchdog” role of the media. And, through internships, CNP is helping to help train a new generation of journalists.

Q: Why is the project needed?

Answer: Years of declining revenues have forced most traditional news organizations in the state to cut back coverage in all areas, including government and public policy. One indicator is the number of reporters covering the state Capitol: In 1989, two dozen reporters representing most of the daily newspapers in the state covered the Capitol full time; today, less than a quarter remain. Another indicator is the news space allotted to this coverage, which also has declined with the size of newspapers overall. Meanwhile, the pressures and responsibilities of state governments everywhere have increased enormously.

Q: What is The Connecticut Mirror?

Answer: The Connecticut Mirror — often simply called CT Mirror — is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, digital-only news publication launched by CNP in January 2010. We cover a range of public policy topics including the state budget, economic development, politics, education, health, justice, housing, energy and the environment, legislation, and other areas of public policy. Read more about us here and our history here.

Q: How is The Connecticut Mirror funded?

Answer: As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Connecticut News Project, Inc. is supported by individual contributions, major gifts, corporate sponsorships and foundation grants. In 2020, 88% of our revenue came from readers and organizations who made contributions. Advertising was 8% of our revenue. An archive of our annual financial reports can be accessed here. A list of current sponsors and funders is available here, while a separate list of current donors is available here.

Q: Who is on your staff?

Answer: There are currently 19 members on staff at The Connecticut Mirror. The newsroom includes 10 full-time reporters, two full-time editors, two part-time journalists and two regular contributors, while the business team consists of the publisher and two full-time staff members. A list of current CT Mirror staff is available here.

Q: Who is on your Board of Directors?

Answer: A list of current CT Mirror board members is available here.

Q: What is the Board of Directors’ role in defining CT Mirror’s news coverage?

Answer: None. Board members share a commitment to public service through their work in various nonprofit and educational organizations. They also share a belief that vigorous coverage of government and public policy is essential to the common good. It is that belief, rather than commitment to any particular cause, that has led them to contribute their time and expertise to the Connecticut News Project.

Q: Who decides what gets published in The Connecticut Mirror?

Answer: The Connecticut News Project provides impartial, objective news and information about state and public policy in Connecticut. The news and editorial staff has and retains full authority over news and editorial content of CT Mirror’s reporting and publications to protect the best journalistic interests of the Connecticut News Project and the public. News and editorial judgments of newsroom staff are made independently and not on the basis of donor, sponsor, foundation or advertiser support or the involvement of CNP’s Board of Directors. Read our full News and Editorial Independence Policy here.

Q: Where is CT Mirror based?

Answer: 1049 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105

Q: Are you part of Connecticut Public?

Answer: No. While our newsroom and offices are in the same building as Connecticut Public, we are separate organizations with our own budgets and editorial policies. We do, however, routinely republish Connecticut Public’s reporting and have collaborated on numerous projects over the years.

Q: Why do I see CT Mirror bylines in my local newspaper?

Answer: The 12 largest daily newspapers in Connecticut republish CT Mirror content.

Q: How can I get The Connecticut Mirror?

Answer: There are a numerous ways to get CT Mirror reporting delivered on a regular basis. Here are some of the most popular options:

  1. Sign up for CT Mirror’s email briefings:
  2. Follow CT Mirror on:
  3. Subscribe to CT Mirror’s “Steady Habits” podcast
  4. Sign up for CT Mirror event alerts
  5. Add CT Mirror on the NewsBreak app
  6. Add CT Mirror to your iPhone home screen
  7. Create a Google News Alert for “ctmirror.org”

In addition, the following print newspapers republish selected CT Mirror stories:

  • Connecticut Post
  • Danbury News-Times
  • Greenwich Time
  • Hartford Business Journal
  • Hartford Courant
  • Journal Inquirer
  • Meriden Record-Journal
  • Middletown Press
  • New Haven Biz
  • New Haven Register
  • Norwalk Hour
  • Norwich Bulletin
  • Stamford Advocate
  • The Day of New London
  • The Newtown Bee
  • Torrington Register-Citizen
  • Waterbury Republican-American
  • Westport Journal

Q: How can I support The Connecticut Mirror?

Answer: You can join in the work of The Connecticut Mirror through your financial support here. Donors are automatically enrolled in CT Mirror’s membership program.

Q: What is CT Mirror’s membership program?

Answer: CT Mirror’s membership program is a community of more than 1,500 active members who receive exclusive email updates, peeks “inside the newsroom” and access to member events with CT Mirror staff. Learn more about CT Mirror membership here.

Q: How can I manage my CT Mirror membership?

Answer: Visit the Member Service Center to request your current membership status, adjust or close a recurring donation, update your credit card or ask for assistance on any other membership-related issue.

Q: Are donations to The Connecticut Mirror tax-deductible?

Answer: Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our legal name is the Connecticut News Project, Inc.

Q: How can I submit an op-ed to CT Viewpoints?

Answer: Visit the CT Viewpoints submission page to view the requirements for submitting an op-ed.