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Blumenthal gets another shot at Google today

As attorney general, Richard Blumenthal didn’t get the chance to put top Google executives on the witness stand when he launched a multistate investigation into Google’s collection of data from personal wireless networks. But as senator, he’s now going to have a shot at grilling Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, who will be sitting at […]

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State physicians’ group leading the way on ‘bundled payments’

WASHINGTON–Dr. Courtland Lewis has been fielding a lot of anxiety-filled queries lately–not from his patients, but from other doctors. The Hartford-based orthopedic surgeon is suddenly one of the state’s go-to experts on federal efforts to revamp how doctors and hospitals are paid for the care they provide. That’s because Lewis and the knee-and-hip replacement surgeons […]

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Shays, Lieberman engage in delicate political dance

WASHINGTON–At a Senate hearing on wartime contracting Wednesday, Sen. Joseph Lieberman and ex-Rep. Chris Shays mostly stuck to the dry subject at hand–squandered taxpayer dollars, poor government oversight, and sweeping abuses in military contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan. But beneath the staid policy discourse, they were unspooling a juicier political thread. As ex-GOP congressman Shays […]

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Lieberman hails one gay-rights milestone, hedges on next battle

Sen. Joseph Lieberman and a half-dozen other lawmakers celebrated the official repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” today and promised to help discharged service members re-enlist if they want to. Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, said the end of DADT, which mandated the discharge of any openly homosexual member of the U.S. armed forces, was a […]

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With federal funds threatened, state looks for new ways to pay for transit

WASHINGTON–Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has asked his top transportation advisers to look at creative financing mechanisms, including setting up a state infrastructure bank, to fund critical highway and transit projects. The move comes as Malloy and other governors brace for an anticipated drop in federal transportation dollars. It also comes as Congress gears up for […]

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Himes’ aide happy to be back in DC after stint in New York special

Many House Democrats are wringing their hands, trying to figure out what went wrong in last Tuesday’s special congressional election in New York, where a little-known GOP candidate swept to victory in a heavily Democratic district. But while others are reading the tea leaves, Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th, will get the inside scoop. That’s because […]

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From different perspectives, two legislators react to debt plan

President Barack Obama today laid out a proposal to achieve $3 trillion in debt-reduction over the next decade, with a mix of tax reform, spending cuts, and entitlement program savings. The White House wants the congressional “super committee” to take up this proposals as part of its debt-reduction mandate, spelled out in this summer’s agreement […]

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Lieberman’s new book

Sen. Joseph Lieberman has a new book out-“The Gift of Rest,” an aptly titled tome for a longtime politician on the eve of his retirement from the Senate. But Lieberman’s book isn’t about stopping work, except for one day of the week. It’s a 230-page description and celebration of the Sabbath, even ending with a […]

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How much will state gain from Obama school construction plan?

WASHINGTON–Proponents of President Barack Obama’s $25 billion school construction plan have billed it as a doubly-good deal: American school kids would get spiffier schools and construction workers would get much-needed jobs. “Basic infrastructure is critically important to our economics and to our kids’ future,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a 3rd District Democrat who began drafting […]