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If Columbus must go, so should Yale

With increased racial tensions spreading across the country, statues of those associated with slavery — Robert E. Lee and other Confederate generals — have been either removed or vandalized. Here in the Northeast, statues of Columbus are suffering the same fate. In Boston, a statue of Columbus was beheaded, while in Middletown and New London and New Haven, his statue was removed. The city of Columbus, Ohio is considering changing its name. Yet the slave merchant who financed Yale University, Elihu Yale, remains unscathed. Why? Because he is the namesake of one of America’s most prestigious and liberal universities.

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If blacks really want to rebel, vote Republican

American cities are inflamed once again. The tinder being the murder of a black man, George Floyd, at the hands of a thuggish white police officer in Minneapolis who handcuffed him and choked him to death by placing a knee on his neck while three other police officers blandly observed. Floyd was accused of the heinous crime of passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

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Voters must believe elections are fair

Democrats are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to convince Americans that they are risking their life by voting. Thus, they are recommending the increased use of mail-in voting, early voting and absentee ballots while extending the time periods before and after Election Day. But in today’s polarized political environment, it is crucial that voters believe in the integrity of the ballot box.

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The insurance companies don’t care if my patients go blind

One of the proudest accomplishments of my profession, ophthalmology, is the reduction in blindness from glaucoma. Decades ago, it was common to hear “Uncle John went blind from glaucoma.” Now such tragedies are rare. But now the insurance companies are refusing to pay for the most effective glaucoma medicines while increasing the patients’ deductibles. The result will be that more patients go blind.

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Failure of Lamont’s toll plan shows lack of trust in our institutions

In spite of a having a supermajority, Senate Democrats informed Gov. Ned Lamont that they will not support his scaled back plan to place tolls — or in Lamont’s Orwellian term “user fees” — on fourteen bridges. This is after the media, multiple civic groups and Connecticut’s corporate leadership have been cheerleading for tolls for the past year. Why?

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If our ruling class wants to stay in the Middle East, bring back the draft

President Trump is being savaged by all sides for his decision to remove our troops from Syria. This allowed Turkey to invade areas occupied by the Kurds, our allies in the fight against ISIS. The House of Representatives voted 354-60 to decry the policy. Newspaper editorials and armchair pundits on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC have berated the President.

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Cheating to enter elite schools is about social status

My best friend from high school and I were both accepted to Ivy League schools. We declined. We both received substantial scholarships, so it wasn’t the money. But we felt more comfortable attending schools close to our rural Pennsylvania homes with both family and friends nearby. But more important, we did not feel that attending an Ivy League school would make any difference in our lives. And we were right. Both us did fine in our respective careers. But 45 years later, America has changed and getting into an elite school has become an obsession for America’s wealthy and upper middle class.