Notice To Quit

How evictions affect Connecticut’s children and families


“Notice to Quit,” a multi-part examination of evictions in Connecticut and their effects on children and families, was produced as a project for the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2022 National Fellowship and its Kristy Hammam Fund for Health Journalism. This project also was supported by the Center’s Engaged Journalism Initiative.

For this project, The Connecticut Mirror talked to dozens of tenants who had been or were going through evictions as well as eviction prevention specialists, attorneys, researchers, landlords and court officials.

CT Mirror also organized two community engagement events with eviction prevention attorneys in Hartford and New Haven. As a part of this community engagement effort, CT Mirror’s reporter met monthly with a group of attorneys, researchers and homelessness service providers to discuss major findings and ensure these findings were consistent with experts’ experience on the ground.


Reporting: Ginny Monk

Photography: Yehyun Kim

Data visualization: Ginny Monk

Web development: Kyle Constable

Editing: Elizabeth Hamilton, Stephen Busemeyer

Social media: Gabby DeBenedictis, Nicole McIsaac

Community engagement: Ginny Monk, Gabby DeBenedictis