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Community colleges should help students keep hope alive

The Connecticut Mirror last week reported Higher Education Commissioner Michael Meotti’s belief, seconded by Gov. Dannel Malloy, that Connecticut’s community colleges might need to turn away people who, as Meotti put it, “have no ability to be successful in a college classroom.”  Our campuses are crowded, Commissioner Meotti said, and there is little funding expansion. […]

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Connecticut’s school funding fix

Connecticut’s public schools face a daunting challenge: How do we deliver a dramatic improvement in achievement without an increase in spending? With each passing day, we read about entrepreneurs and engineers from the far reaches of the world who are realizing the innovations that will shape our lives for the next hundred years. Will our […]

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Malloy is right to flatten the administration of higher ed

Speaking from the vantage point of 12 years as a full-time faculty member inside the community college system of Connecticut, I support Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposal to “flatten” the currently bloated layers of higher ed administration.  This will save money, and it is also a golden opportunity to improve our college completion rates and serve […]

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Making teacher evaluations work

Some people think that teacher tenure is a guarantee of a job for life. It isn’t, and it shouldn’t be. The American Federation of Teachers in Connecticut has worked closely with the chairs of the General Assembly’s Education Committee to draft legislation (Senate Bill 1160) that will redesign teacher evaluation systems and align them to […]

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A grown-up choice on teacher layoffs

Connecticut’s grown ups have an unprecedented opportunity this year to make decisions that will put our students’ needs first. Tightened budgets at the state and district levels have us all thinking: how can we be doing things better? Is there a way to approach these painful cuts that allows us to weigh potential reductions against […]

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Higher ed reorganization will help state regain its educational edge

(Sen. Beth Bye is co-chair of the legislature’s Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee. She represents Bloomfield, Burlington, Farmington, West Hartford) For the last two months, as the public and legislators have debated Gov. Malloy’s proposed overhaul of our state university and community college system, I have been meeting with students, residents, business leaders and […]

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Early childhood department needed to attack achievement gap

Connecticut, we have a problem. We’re no longer leading our nation in educational achievement, and the source of this problem begins early. Too many of our children arrive at the kindergarten door unprepared. In 2009, 67.7% of kindergarteners from poor school districts had a preschool experience, compared with 95.9% from wealthier districts. Is it any […]

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Immediate action needed on education reform

Governor Malloy showed significant leadership during his budget address yesterday by calling for change in two critical areas where Connecticut desperately needs it: giving districts flexibility to ensure that only the best teachers remain in classrooms and overhauling the school finance system. Governor Malloy signaled his commitment to public education as the key not only […]