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A legacy of debt: Squeeze on state’s priorities only getting tighter

State government’s surging retirement benefit costs are likely to have a big impact on programs and taxes over the next two decades. But they already have sapped significant funding from key priorities, including transportation, higher education, health care and social services. Second in a series. Continue Reading →

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Q&A: Wyman talks budget, her role in the legislative discussion

Democratic Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman may not have been elected in one of 36 districts of the Connecticut Senate, but she will effectively be the 37th state senator in the next legislative session. The Mirror sat down with Wyman to talk about her role. Continue Reading →

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How does your town fare under the state budget deal?

State funding to help cities and towns operate public schools is hit hard in the budget deal Democratic legislators are set to approve this week. It’s a mixed bag for the other grants towns receive to help cover non-education related expenses. Curious how your city or town fares? Here’s a look. Continue Reading →

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Federal budget deal helps CT defense industry, state budget

Washington – One of Rep. John Boehner’s final acts as Speaker of the House this week was to negotiate a budget deal with the White House that will help Connecticut’s defense industry by boosting Pentagon spending and save the state government about $65 million in health care expenses for low-income residents and state retirees. Continue Reading →

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In suburban schools, student poverty growing faster than education aid

The number of low-income, high-need students attending school in the suburbs is rising, putting new strains on local budgets. That’s why their municipal leaders are pressing the legislature to adjust the state’s system of aid to local schools. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Connecticut nonprofits are in an abusive relationship… with the state

For almost a quarter of a century the state has depended on private nonprofit organizations to provide services to people with disabilities in Connecticut. This includes services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness and addictions. For over two decades, the average increase to the contracts with these providers has been less than one percent per year. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: At budget hearing, CSCU students don’t rate a place in the room

Connecticut state legislators should not forget about the students of the Connecticut State College and University system when apportioning state support. They have no $86 million dollar reserves to tap into — or $1.8 billion dollar state-funded initiatives to leverage. Continue Reading →

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CT colleges: Proposed cuts would probably reduce staff and raise tuition

Potentially facing painful cuts in funding from the state, leaders of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system on Thursday projected what it would take to close their deficits purely with tuition hikes or staff reductions. Most likely, some combination of both would be necessary, they said. Continue Reading →

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Foley’s tax relief on retirement benefits would cost about $100 million

Much of Tom Foley’s last-minute proposal to cut taxes on Social Security benefits already is covered in existing state law. And the GOP gubernatorial nominee’s overall tax relief proposal on retirement benefits would expand Connecticut’s post-election deficit by roughly $100 million next fiscal year. Continue Reading →

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After all the campaign promises, a lot of tough choices loom

Though Connecticut’s gubernatorial contenders spent more time this fall talking about tax cuts than state budget deficits, the red ink awaiting the winner of Tuesday’s contest is very real – and can’t be wiped away without tough choices. Continue Reading →

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