Every year, the state of Connecticut sweeps up millions of dollars in uncashed checks, forgotten insurance policies and long-ignored investments with the promise of seeing those assets safely returned to their owners.

The treasurer’s office said its computer system generates a full list only once every two years, and it charged the CT Mirror $200 for a 300,000-page PDF file that contained data that was more than five years old. That format makes it nearly impossible for an average citizen to search all of the unclaimed property on their own, and it took CT Mirror months to convert the data into a searchable list.

After analyzing the data, CT Mirror found that more than $40 million of unclaimed property collected through 2015 was valued at less than $50. All of that money is currently concealed from public view when people search ctbiglist.com.

CT Mirror has made it available here for the first time. Search the data using our database tool. Read our full investigation into the state’s handling of unclaimed property here.