Since our launch on January 25, 2010, The Connecticut Mirror has published more than 500 insightful stories that would not have been published, reporting on state government, the budget, health, education, social services, the environment, election year politics and more. That does not include the 125 documents we’ve already archived. Nor the 200 profiles of public officials listed in our Guide to Connecticut Politics & Government

Our website has been visited 165,000 times. Hundreds of thousands of readers have enjoyed our reporting in our nine partner newspapers across the state or followed us on Twitter and Facebook. Readers from virtually every Connecticut community have been directed to our site by more than 1000 other web sites or heard our reporters interviewed on WNPR.

We recently embedded the Google Translator tool on our site making much of our content instantly available in more than 50 languages. We introduced a CT Mirror widget which enables any web site to present CT Mirror stories and any reader to create his or her own mobile edition.

And on May 4, we introduced a new opinion section, CT Commons, to bring you commentary and perspective to go along with our news reporting.

The next hundred days will include more reporting, including lively campaign coverage, the expansion of CT Commons, and op-ed contributions from readers like you. Contributions can come in other forms. You can make a tax deductible contribution, or inquire about corporate or organizational sponsorships, take our widget, email us with your feedback or forward this email to a colleague or ten!

All in the cause of advancing civic engagement across Connecticut.

Thank you.

Jim Cutie

The Connecticut News Project