Danbury Mayor Mark D. Boughton overwhelmingly won the Republican endorsement for lieutenant governor Saturday with two-thirds of the vote.

He originally was running for governor, but dropped down to the lieutenant governor’s race to team up with Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele, who is running for governor.

Fedele failed to get the Republican endorsement but won enough delegate votes for a spot on the primary, but that didn’t stop Boughton from moving on to grab the lieutenant nomination.

Boughton is a former state legislator and has been elected five times as mayor in Danbury, the state’s seventh-largest municipality.

Lisa Wilson-Foley, a Simsbury businesswoman, did capture enough support with 25 percent of the votes to join the Republican primary ticket.

Former State Rep. Lenny T. Winkler of Groton, who only entered the race Saturday morning at the urging of GOP gubernatorial contender and convention winner Tom Foley fell short of the 15 percent threshold needed to force a primary.

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