Lawmakers in Washington aren’t just gridlocked over their unfinished business, such as tax cuts, food safety, and spending measures. They’re also still fighting over bills passed months ago.

That was crystal clear today at a dueling news conferences highlighting the six-month anniversary of the sweeping health care reform law. Democrats like Connecticut’s Christopher Dodd, who shepherded the bill through the Senate, were eager to draw attention to several popular provisions set to go into effect at this six-month mark.

“Today is more than just a birthday or a celebration day” for the health measure, Dodd said at a news conference with Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and others. It’s a moment when health care will begin to change for all Americans, he said.

“I realize it’s still not popular with most Americans,” Dodd added. “But it will make a difference in their lives.”

Dodd’s comments come just as House Republicans were unveiling their agenda, called a “Pledge to America,” for the fall elections. The No. 1 proposal: repeal the health law.

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