Sen. Christopher Dodd has a photographer trailing his every last move in the U.S. Senate, documenting the final days of his 30-year political career.

Former Hartford Courant photographer Brad Clift is spending the next few days, from dawn ’til dusk, with Dodd and his family, for a photo book they commissioned marking the end of Dodd’s time in the U.S. Senate.

“I wish I got this kind of access when I was a journalist,” Clift cracked as he waited for Dodd to come out of a senators-only lunch meeting Wednesday.

Clift said the book idea was actually his, but the Dodds readily agreed. “It’s a mutual thing, but the person who is really behind it all is Jackie,” Clift said, referring to Dodd’s wife. “Because she understands the importance of trying to preserve his legacy.”

Clift said he’s not sure if they will try to publish it, or just keep it for their own personal record. Whoever sees it, though, will miss the photo of Dodd coming out of today’s lunch.

The senator apparently took a different route, leaving Clift and Dodd’s press secretary scrambling to track him down.

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