Despite her support for abortion rights, Linda McMahon has been wooing Connecticut social conservatives. And it’s paid off, in at least some quarters.

Leslie Wolfgang, a conservative activist and the wife of Peter Wolfgang, head of the Family Institute of Connecticut, endorsed McMahon in August in a little-noticed Facebook post.

“McMahon will vote for our [judicial] nominees and for incremental restrictions on abortion,” Wolfgang wrote in urging her friends to support McMahon. Wolfgang’s decision, she said, was based in part on conversations McMahon had with her husband Peter about Supreme Court nominees.

Will she break her word? Who knows, but hold your nose and vote because, on abortion, she is the best candidate from CT we have,” Wolfgang wrote. “I don’t like that she is buying a Senate seat. I don’t like the perpetual paper mailings. She is probably a RINO. She likes to wrestle women. I. don’t. care. All I care about is how she will vote on saving unborn children (i.e. judicial nominees).”

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