The U.S. Senate campaign is turning into a war of campaign-finance allegations.

Today, the Republican State Party filed a new federal election complaint against Democrat Richard Blumenthal’s campaign. The document alleges that Blumenthal has “illegally funneled outside money” into his campaign coffers.

Blumenthal has loaned his campaign $2.25 million so far this election cycle. But as the GOP notes, he filed a financial disclosure form reporting assets of between $599,000 and $1.36 million.

Blumenthal’s wife Cynthia is much wealthier, listing assets of between $55 million to $107 million. But she is limited, like any other donor, to giving $4,800 to her husband’s campaign.

“This raises only two possibilities: Dick Blumenthal lied on his financial disclosure to the U.S. Senate or he has funded his campaign illegally,” the GOP alleges.

Blumenthal’s campaign dismissed the charges, noting that the disclosure forms do not require candidates to list all of their assets, such as their cars and homes.

“It’s a phony charge that is completely wrong,” said Blumenthal campaign manager Mindy Myers. “The Senate personal financial disclosure forms do not include all assets such as certain real estate like someone’s home.”

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