For anyone who is still counting, Linda McMahon threw another $1 million of her own money into her U.S. Senate bid this week. A new campaign finance filing shows she pumped that latest batch of cash into her bid on Monday, bringing her total investment so far to $47 million.

McMahon, the Republican nominee and former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO, has said she’ll spend as much as $50 million in her race against Democrat Richard Blumenthal. So $3 million still to go before Nov. 2?

Meanwhile, the Blumenthal campaign has still not offered more of an explanation about how he managed to loan his campaign $2.25 million, when his net worth is between $599,000 and $1.36 million.

The campaign’s initial response, made after the GOP filed an election complaint about the Blumenthal loan, noted that the disclosure forms detailing his net worth do not include all of a candidate’s assets, such as houses and cars.

So did he take out a home-equity loan to fund his campaign? We’ll let you know when we get an answer from his spokeswoman.

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