A lame-duck session of Congress doesn’t usually inspire a lot of excitement, even among political junkies. But Sen. Chris Dodd says he’s heading into the next few weeks of intense political wrangling in Washington “with a sense anticipation.”

That’s, of course, because these will be Dodd’s final days in the Senate. He’s already thinking about the day when he’ll step onto the Senate floor for the last time. “It’ll be an emotional moment, no question about it,” Dodd said.

He’ll also spend a lot of time in the coming weeks figuring out where his next paycheck will come from. Before Election Day, Dodd was forbidden by ethics rules to engage in serious job discussions with prospective employers.

Although he’s now freed of that constraint, he declined to divulge any possible post-congressional career plans, saying it was too early. “I don’t want to jump at the first thing,” he said, adding that he planned to “take my time” making the transition from public to private life.

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