Rep. Rosa DeLauro’s position at the helm of a coveted House committee appeared increasingly uncertain as Democrats prepare to shift into the minority.  

House Democrats agreed to a proposal Thursday that strips soon-to-be House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of her power to appoint top allies, including DeLauro, to the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, a panel that wields considerable behind-the-scenes clout.  

DeLauro currently serves as co-chair of that committee, thanks to Pelosi. The perch gives the 3rd District congresswoman considerable sway over doling out committee assignments to her fellow House Democrats.

In a closed-door meeting today, Democrats voted to make the top posts on the Steering Committee elected by the panel’s other members, rather than appointed. It was a compromise put forth by Pelosi, who managed to sweep aside a stronger proposal to curtail her power.

After the vote, DeLauro said she wasn’t sure if she would run to serve as co-chair of the committee, a post she’s held since 2003, in the next Congress. (She currently serves alongside Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., who indicated he would run again.)

“We go home for Thanksgiving and then we’ll see,” DeLauro said, jumping into a members-only elevator. “I’ll take a look at what the situation is when I get back.”

Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, was the main proponent the initial measure, which would have made the Steering Committee posts elected by the entire Democratic caucus, not just the Steering Committee’s other members.

“I don’t think it changes things a lot,” said Matheson of the compromise deal. “It ought to be open to the whole caucus.”

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