A new survey found that many physicians are concerned about the effects of health care reform on their practices.

But according to the survey, conducted by the firm Merritt Hawkins for The Physicians Foundation, many doctors expect their practices would be even more affected by the Medicare sustainable growth rate formula, the culprit behind a 23 percent cut in physician payment rates scheduled to take effect Dec. 1.

Thirty-six percent of doctors said fixing the formula would have a greater impact on their practices than health care reform; 34 percent said health reform would have a greater impact.

Some doctors have been limiting the number of Medicare patients they treat, or dropping the program entirely, because of concerns about the cuts, which have been postponed through four temporary patches this year.

Another temporary fix could be coming soon. The Senate passed a bill Thursday to delay the cut for another month. It still needs approval from the House and support from the President.

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