In case you had any doubt about how active Sen. Richard Blumenthal would be on abortion-rights issues, it should be put to rest with this:

“Today, Sen. Blumenthal became the first man ever featured as an author on the EMILY’s List website,” declared a news release from the group, which typically supports women candidates who favor abortion rights.

Blumenthal won this distinction by writing an op-ed, which he co-signed with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, that blasts the “radical GOP agenda” on abortion.

“The 2010 elections were about one thing: jobs. So what on earth is going on in the GOP-controlled House?” Blumenthal and Gillibrand write on the op-ed on the EMILY’s List website. “This week, the GOP House is considering H.R.3, a bill so restrictive it would limit a woman’s access to reproductive care even when her life was in danger.”

This is Blumenthal’s 3rd salvo against the GOP bill in less than a week. He also posted a blog on Huffington Post and issued a press release on the issue.

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