Gee, is there a campaign finance deadline looming? Rep. John Larson’s fundraising schedule would suggest so.

The 1st District Democrat has three Washington fundraisers scheduled in the next three weeks, according to the website “Party Time!” which tracks such events. On March 16, he’s having an evening reception at Zola’s Wine and Kitchen, with the tab to get in ranging from $1,000 for a “sponsor” to $5,000 for a “host.”

For those who can’t afford a four-figure contribution, put March 24th on your calendar, when Larson will hold a “low dollar reception” during the congressional recess: $500 for hosts, $100 for friends. A few days later, he’s having a pricier “labor breakfast” at Johnny’s Half Shell.

Those events should help fill up his campaign coffers just in time for the March 31 deadline that marks the end of 1st quarter fundraising.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro might also appear to be in a campaign-cash overdrive, with two events scheduled for March 15th, for the same time no less.

But an aide said that’s a “Party Time!” mistake. She’s only got one event that morning. “Rosa’s schedule is crazy… but not THAT crazy!,” her spokeswoman, Kaelan Richards, said in an email. DeLauro will be going to a breakfast fundraiser hosted by her former chief of staff, now a lobbyist.

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