Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, a team of researchers confirms that a pint of Guinness really does go down better in Ireland.

For years Guinness drinkers have debated whether the famous Irish stout, originally brewed in Dublin, is as enjoyable elsewhere in the world.  The question came up several years ago,

One year, 33 cities, 71 pubs and 103 pints later, they concluded that Guinness is indeed best quaffed in its native land. It wasn’t just a matter of taste–a difficult and contentious standard–but of the overall experience: temperature and head height, appearance and creaminess, bartender pouring performance, pub ambiance and gender mix. To quote from the abstract in the Journal of Food Science:

“The main outcome was measured on a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) from 0 (enjoyed it not at all) to 100 (enjoyed it very much)… The enjoyment of Guinness consumed in Ireland was rated higher (74 mm VAS) than outside Ireland (57 mm; P < 0.001).”

Further research is called for, the study’s authors conclude.

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