When Rep. John Larson introduced his public financing campaign bill earlier this month, he blasted the current chase for campaign cash as a corrupting and all-consuming.

“Especially in the House, the moment you’re elected, you spend the rest of your time on the phone dialing for dollars, instead of being in the pursuit of the service of your constituency,” Larson said at the press conference unveiling his bill.

In case we needed any proof, here it is: he’ll be spending a nice evening next month on the rooftop of a Washington law and lobby firm, playing Bocce Ball with well-heeled Washington-types. The fundraiser, set for May 24, calls for a $2,000 contribution to play the game and $500 to be a spectator.

Three other House Democrats are also scheduled to attend, but the money raised will go into Larson’s coffers-at least for now. Larson, who as chairman of the Democratic Caucus, is expected to donate reams of cash to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to help vulnerable incumbents and promising challengers. This election cycle, his DCCC “dues,” as their called, come to $450,000.

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