For the first three months of the 112th Congress, freshman Sen. Richard Blumenthal and his staff have had to work out of a dim, no-frills temporary office in the basement of the Senate’s Dirksen Building. But today, the Democratic lawmaker moved up-literally.

Blumenthal’s staff spent Wednesday moving and today settling in to spacious new digs in the ultra-modern Senate Hart Building. Blumenthal, who is 98th in seniority, snagged an office on the 7th floor-with windows even! He and the other newly-elected senators all got to relocate this week.

Blumenthal’s Capitol Hill quarters used to belong to a Republican, the ex-Sen. Robert Bennett, from Utah, who lost a primary challenge in 2010 to a Tea Party candidate.

We asked for a tour today, but Blumenthal’s spokeswoman said the staff was all too busy. So how the senator is choosing to decorate his new office remains a mystery, for now.

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