It didn’t take long for the House Republican’s budget proposal-which, among other things, calls for turning Medicare into a voucher program-to become a flashpoint in Washington’s never-ending campaign cycle.

Democratic-leaning groups have launched TV and radio ads targeting House Republicans who voted for the plan. And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is doing robocalls in more than two dozen GOP swing districts criticizing the Republican proposal.

Meanwhile, a Republican-leaning group, 60 Plus, has mounted a defensive campaign, airing radio ads and sending out direct mail, thanking some of the targeted GOP lawmakers for “protecting Medicare.” And yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner’s office released its comparison of the competing GOP and Democratic plans, which labels President Obama’s a “do-nothing” status quo proposal.

All this is unfolding while Congress is on break, with lawmakers back in their districts facing questions from anxious and angry voters about the move to privatize Medicare. It’s a safe bet that these were not the kind of headlines Republicans were hoping to get during the current spring break:

Politico: “Freshmen Feel The Heat Back Home”

Los Angeles Times: “House Republicans Face Backlash At Home Over Budget Plan”

The Washington Post: “Republicans Facing Tough Questions Over Medicare Overhaul In Budget Plan”

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