Almost 70 percent of people living in the country’ 100 largest metropolitan areas have access to public transportation, and residents of lower-income areas have better access than their more affluent neighbors, according to a new study by the Bookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program.

But the study also found that only 30 percent of jobs can be reached in 90 minutes or less by mass transit–and low- and middle-skill positions are less accessible than high-skill jobs.

The Bridgeport and New Haven metropolitan areas have higher-than-average accessibility to public transportation, with 75 percent of working-age residents and nearly all low-income residents living near transit stops. Access in the Hartford area lags the average, with just 63 percent of residents and 92 percent of low-income residents having access, according to the study. In all three urban areas, 30 percent or less of jobs are accessible by mass transit withing 90 minutes.

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