Even before the results were in for New York’s special congressional election, Rep. John Larson was crowing about the outcome for Democrats.

“This will be an incredible event for us,” Larson said Tuesday morning, as voters in that state’s 26th District were headed to the polls. “We should not be in a position to win this but we are.”

Indeed, Democrats took the district, which has long been a GOP stronghold, by hammering the Republican candidate, Jane Corwin, on Medicare. Corwin had embraced the House GOP proposal to turn Medicare into voucher system, and the victorious Democrat, Kathy Hochul, made it the central issue of the race–with a lot of help from the national party.

The issue in that race, Larson noted, was “Medicare, Medicare, Medicare”

The upshot? Democrats will be talking about that GOP Medicare plan from now to November.

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