Richard Blumenthal’s top spokesman has left the Connecticut senator’s office for a job with a Democratic “Super PAC” that could play a major role in the 2012 elections.

Ty Matsdorf, who worked on Blumenthal’s 2010 Senate campaign and then joined his staff in Washington, just started a new gig at the American Bridge 21st Century. The organization, founded by former conservative journalist David Brock who turned against the GOP years ago, was set up as a counterweight to the conservative GOP organization American Crossroads.

Brock’s group will make independent expenditures in the coming elections. As a Super PAC, it can raise unlimited contributions from individuals and other interest groups, such as labor unions and businesses, and spend unlimited amounts as well.

Matsdorf will serve as American Bridge’s “War Room” director, overseeing the group’s campaign-related activities and communications, according to a press release.

Blumenthal’s office said Tuesday that Kate Hansen, until now his press secretary, would take over Matsdorf’s job as communications director.

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