The Gang of Six is back together. That’s the bipartisan group of senators who spent months trying to craft a long-term, debt-reduction plan. Their group fell apart after one senator–Tom Coburn of Oklahoma–abandoned the talks earlier this year.

But Coburn rejoined today. And the Gang unveiled their nearly $4 trillion dollar debt-reduction plan behind closed doors to a broad group of senators from both parties.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut indepedent, said afterward that he would back the plan. Here’s his full statement:

“Today the “Gang of Six” began to morph into a bipartisan majority in the Senate that wants to solve our fiscal problems instead of play partisan politics. I strongly endorse the balanced debt reduction proposal that was offered today by my colleagues in the “Gang of Six”. This is both a bold and practical approach to reducing discretionary spending, reforming entitlements and raising revenue. It is imperative that we resolve the current debt ceiling crisis while demonstrating that Washington is serious about reducing the debt which threatens our economic future.   We now have an opportunity to demonstrate that Congress can act effectively in a bi-partisan manner.  Let us seize the moment.”

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