Rant & Rail

I’m fed up with driving. I’m fed up with congestion, with traffic lights, with jaywalkers, with gas prices.

So on this page, I’ll be chronicling my experiences using anything but a car to get from here to there. I’ll try to get myself to the train or bus station; then I’ll try to read the tiny print on those endlessly changing transit schedules. I’ll walk if I can, and I might even try to lug my bike on the train. I’ll scope out places to wait besides those depressing platforms.

And I ask for your help. Please share your commuting tips. Or, feel free to vent –- nicely, please -– in the comments section. Send me your questions, ideas about transit issues to explore or a guest post at nsatija@ctmirror.org. And listen for my story every week on WNPR.

Happy commuting.