State officials are making themselves very clear: People shouldn’t drive today. If you must drive at the moment, the Connecticut Department of Transportation has a helpful box on its web site showing traffic accidents. Find it here: There are already a TON of accidents reported, and DOT already appears to be clearing debris off the roads in Greenwich near exit 29.

Trucks will be banned from limited-access roads starting at 11 a.m. today, and state highways will be completely closed starting at 1 p.m.

Metro-North and most bus service has already been suspended since last night or this morning. Amtrak will not run today in this region.

Bottom line: stay inside. Unless you’re evacuating, in which case do that NOW.

Also — not that you would expect to be able to travel by air today, but all flights out of Bradley International are closed. Annoyingly, there is no announcement of that on Bradley’s web site right now.

Aaaand just in case your driver’s license is expiring or something, or you need to get to the MVA to renew your car registration, never fear! Governor Dannel Malloy has extended those expiration dates until further notice. Again, bottom line: STAY. INSIDE.

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