So, I did just get back from a trip to New Delhi where the weather was considerably warmer … but I think we can all agree that this month is turning out to be a LOT colder than last month.

Let’s hope it’s not too cold for the transit system. Boston’s MBTA dealt with a bit of a nightmare last week, as single-digit temperatures caused broken rails, frozen valves, and wreaked havoc on the ancient signal system used by the system’s trains.

Sound familiar? During the awful 2010-2011 winter we experienced, Metro-North had its fair share of problems. Since then, heat has been more the issue, with extreme hot temperatures causing problems to the rail line’s older-than-your-grandmother catenary system.

Boston’s problems were so severe last week that an MBTA train actually had to push a disabled Amtrak train into a station.

I’d like to see a Metro-North train attempt that on the New Haven Line — or actually, not, at least not if I’m on that train…

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