Boy did my last story on tolls get a big response from our Connecticut Mirror readers!

Here are a few of the comments we received that I thought were particularly interesting, or specific, or something. As they say on twitter, RT’s are not endorsements! I’ll address these issues on the blog throughout the week.

“I would be in favor of a $5.00 toll at the boarders if and only if by Constitutional Amendment the money could only be used to fix the roads and bridges. It will never happen.”

“If it’s a stupid idea from California then of course we are going to jump right on board.” (Hehe.)

“I have long wished they would improve railways for moving loads now on trucks. We would still need truckers to get stuff from the source to the station, but what not invest in something like that, which might also improve rail as a way for people to get from place to place also.”

“… speaking of infrastructure, there is a massive water main break in downtown Hartford right now… a small sample of what is to come if we don’t update what we have been living with for 100 years.”

“Easy Pass is not easy money … there is a whole support system to be built, bankrolled ,patrolled and administered.”

“You don’t need to have an EZ-Pass to have electronic tolling. A few times a year I take the InterCounty Connector toll road in Maryland. They take a photo of my license plate at 55 MPH, and I get the bill in the mail at the end of the month.”

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